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WEN Dashboard | Wasatch Entertainment Network

WEN Dashboard



You made it! Welcome!

Please, come in and sit down. Have a bite to eat, something to drink. Our place is your place. You will experience a great deal of change on this site over the coming months and years. For right now, you will find a large amount of our childhood memories: recollections of a bygone era. A time when Saturday Morning meant something to school age kids. After school television was a great way to unwind from a long day. Saturday afternoon, after the cartoons left the airwaves, the outside was the place to be with the friends from the neighborhood. Every night of the week, the three major networks aired shows that would become ingrained on our minds as we grew older and more nostalgic. Syndicated television meant we could catch up on shows that were no longer with us.

You’ll find all of those memories here…for now.

This site is evolving. It has been since day one. What is on this site now are just our memories, as we shared with you above. We have these memories here to take up space and give you all something great to entertain you with, while we go out and encourage local filmmakers and other content creators along the Wasatch Front here in Utah, in the USA to bring their works the WEN to share with you.

We’re glad you are here, and we hope you enjoy sharing our memories with your family and friends. We hope you’ll stay as we introduce each other to the newer memories also.



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Short Films

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